Bratislava Lindy Exchange

'Be Crazy, Stay Classy, Stay Safe!'
Bratislava, Slovakia
9-11 Oct 2020


About the Event

Swing dance event of the year in Bratislava!

Come and experience quality swing music from big bands playing original arrangements and smaller excited bands with energy that keeps you on the dance floor.

Our goal is to create an event safe for everyone. Therefore we will follow the instructions of Slovak Ministry of Healthcare. We ask all participants to comply with these regulations.

At the event it will be mandatory to:

  • have the mask properly put on in all the interiors during all times
    (except for consumtion, try to keep distance while eating or drinking indoors)
  • disinfect hands or wash them with warm water and soap regulary
    (disinfection will be available at all times at designated locations)

In case of cancellation of the event due to pandemic reasons, we guarantee a full refund of the payment.



Of dancing



Of live music



At the dance floor


October 9, 2020
Dance evening with BHS
Bratislava Hot Serenaders (SK) - Taster Class: With Janči and Klér - 20´s Charleston
Hradištná 6546, Devínska Nová Ves

Follow us on a journey to relive the 1920s-40s in Central Europe. Besides swinging to quality American big-band music, there will be opportunities to enjoy Peabody or Charleston to the authentic arrangements played in this part of Europe back in the days. (The evening party is part of the public event “Tanečný večer s B H S”)

October 10, 2019
Swingalia (CZ)
Kamel Klub
Molecova 2, Karlova Ves

Energetic music project of Galia brothers and friends. Swing in the name of the band doesn't set boundaries only on hits of 30's & 40's era but it well describes spirit of the band and it's tribute to all great names of not only swing era but also the other jazz genres. With distinctive humour we also deliver songs from completely different style but with new facelift. Basic tandem are twins Jan (double bass/vocal/trombone) & Martin (guitar/vocal) Galia, who have the pleasure to cooperate with great musicians from all over the Czech Republic and Europe. Let them surprise you in what kind of set up they will play for us!

October 11, 2020
Gabo Jonáš Swingtet (SK)
Metropol Bar
Špitálska 61, Staré mesto

It’s swingtet which is mostly inspired by modern jazz, but they also love old standards. They’re known by their unique sound and the ability to put all their music energy on the dance floor.


  • Gabo Jonáš Swingtet


    Bratislava Hot Serenaders


    more performers will be added soon

Gabo Jonáš Swingtet
Brilliant and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians around pianist Gabo Jonas. Get ready for swing jam session that will make you soak up music to the last tone. Ageless swing classics, or less known melodies in arrangements, that maybe even musicians themselves don’t know yet won’t let you sit during their set.
Bratislava Hot Serenaders
The Bratislava Hot Serenaders orchestra belongs to the list of the few strictly “early jazz” oriented bands in the world. The band’s 20 enthusiastic musicians have played together without interruption since the formation of the group in season 1991/1992. Their playing adheres to the sound, style, and feel of such orchestra’s as Paul Whiteman, Jean Goldkette, and Duke Ellington, in addition to featuring Czech, Slovak, and other European classic jazz tunes of the period. The Bratislava hot Serenaders are well established outside of Slovakia.
more performers will be added soon
more performers will be added soon ...


Full Pass

55 €
všetky 3 dni / all 3 days


25 €
sobota / saturday


10 €
Final price
Final price
max %eer-max%
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I didn’t get any mail, what should I do?
Write us to We will check what went wrong and give you all the needed information.
What do I get in Friday ticket for Tanečný večer s B H S? (Full pass only)
As a part of full pass you’ll get ticket to Fridays Tanečný večerd s B H S //Dance evening with B H S. With the ticket you get place at the table on the balcony and, of course, entrance to the dance floor, where you can enjoy both big band and DJ music.
What if the event will be cancelled due to the pandemic situation?
If the event is canceled due to adverse pandemic developments, we will refund 100% of each ticket payment received.
Will we dance in masks?
Safety is our number one priority and that is why we ask all participants to respect the regulations of Slovak Ministry of Healthcare on wearing masks indoors and frequent hand disinfection. In conclusion yes, we will dance with properly placed masks over the mouth and nose.
I bought ticket but can not attend. What should I do?
We reccomend selling the pass. After selling of the ticket we need both seller and buyer to contact us via mail Selling a ticket 24 hours or less before the event is not possible.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any question


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